Real Estate Management Software

As we all know that Real Estate has been the most growing business sector, recording inimitable growth trends over the past few years. Our Real Estate ERP Enterprise Solution system provides a total co-ordination of all the key processes associated to the business of Real Estate management today. Right from the Pre-launch with advancement in bookings to customer support to sites visits to payment schedules to final possessions, to reminders to management of sales staff to media advertising promotion and publicity, there is rarely any aspect of Real Estate management that this enterprise solution leaves to be aspired.


Its smart secure and user friendly
Access Anywhere & Any time
Align your sales efforts & business strategies
Track Your Payment Collections
Retain & Stay Connected with Customers
Schedule Meetings & Follow Ups


Marketing helps businesses to get more deals. It helps to get more business from current customers and make new ones too. So identifying the right customer is a biggest deal.


In this era of high competition, sales team need an efficient sales process to achieve big goals. It helps you to focus on right deals at right time and make more money by closing them in less time.


Generally 80% revenue comes from just 20% customers, so gratify them to grow your business. Nowadays, customers need more than the value of their money.

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