Travel Management

Quitesoft provides travel management systems that are tailored to client needs.These systems assist in managing the company’s travel, while commanding and controlling the implementation of procedures and changes and monitoring expenses, as well as enabling Internet-based travel procurement management from anywhere in the world.

Main Features:

Multiple Sales Channels – B2C, B2B
Search & Book for – Flight, Hotel, Buses
Automated voucher, e-ticket generation
Multiple Payment Gateway options like Credit card, Debit Card, net banking and cash cards
Agent Management System
Manage commission rules
Accounting system ( Issuing Cr/Dr Notes, Offline invoice)
B2C Interface
Create/Manage Sign In
View Transaction and CXN & Refund status
Print Ticket/Send SMS or Email Itinerary
B2B/PSA Agent module Dashboard & Control Panel
B2B2B/DSA Agent with Dashboard & Control Panel
Super Admin Control Panel
Comprehensive reporting module (Account, Sales, Commission etc)

Control Panel

Sub Agent Management (Sub agent management will provide great features by providing B2B logins for all sub agents and their staff. It helps in setting up different commissions for different sub agents along with allowing credit management and payment reconciliation. Managing multiple businesses becomes very easy as it has got wide range of options with monthly performance reports.) Below are some features:


My Account/ Agent Profile
My Transactions Log
– Booking Log for all kind of transactions
Change password
Discount (Comm. Offered View)
Ledger (Current Date/ Periodic)
Mark-up Tool(Fare added in gross fare)
Make Payment
– Add payment request.
– View status of payment request.
– Make payment using PG
Bank Details View
View Blocked/Hold Bookings
Cancellation Tool (Ability to mark-up up cancelation charge, which appears as cancellation charge in cancellation receipt.)
My Ledger
Automated invoicing system
User Management. (Users will be classified in departments)
– Create and assign role
– Activate Deactivate Roles
– Password reset
Raise Service Request (For Group bookings or other queries)

All Forms as on PSA Interface CPL plus as below
Maintain sub agent profiles and logins
Creating Sub Agents
Assigning Commission groups
Resetting Passwords
Set Credit limits and deposits
Set Status (Activate/Deactivate/On Hold)
Setup and assign booking Privileges module wise/ supplier wise
Setup and assign UI Privileges
Partner Mark-up
Mark-up Definitions – Set different levels of mark-up which will be automatically applied to your net buying rates and displayed as your selling rates in the reservation system: per destination, per agency, per supplier, flat percentage wise.
Agent Commission – Ensure the control of the commission for your clients at any level, for example per agent, group of agents, all agents, per service type, product etc. You may choose to show or hide the agent commission, depending on their requirements. Commission setup module is required.
Creating comm. groups
Setting up comm. Groups (assigning commission per airlines)
Different records for domestic and International airlines/ Soto fares and code shares.
Assigning comm. Groups to specific agent/distributor
Commission Records should be have to and from date validity
Ability to clone comm. Records.
Creating & Assigning Transaction charge slabs, fixed or percentage based charges

Queues Management
Queues Management
Payment update request queue
Air Bookings Queue
Air Cancellation Queue
Air Reschedule Queue
Hotel Booking Queue
Hotel Cancellation Queue
Bus Booking Queue
Bus Cancellation Queue
All documents are automatically generated including accounting and product documents (e.g. itinerary, Invoices etc.)
Supplier Management
Add/Mod Supplier details
View Supplier
Settings (Login Credentials etc.)
View Supplier wise purchase report.
Supplier payment report.
Supplier Ledger
Bank Details creation/ Modification page.
Policy & rules engine
Cancellation Policy – The cancellation rules will be displayed prior to making a booking, so the travel agents will know exactly the cost of the cancellation after the deadline. The cancellation fees are automatically applied to cancel bookings and calculated based on the number of days from the date of the cancellation to the departure date. You may also set up automated reminders to travel agents regarding the cancellation rules.
E-ticket / E-voucher management
Generating Tickets/ Vouchers with Mark-up features
Issuing Invoices for User & Agents
Inclusion of Local taxes, fees, etc. in costing
Adding or modifying OC Taxes

Sales & cancellations report (Product Wise/Date Wise/ Period Wise)
TDS Report (Agent Wise / Distributor Wise)


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